Class OrderContract

  • public final class OrderContract
    extends Object
    The contract between the orders provider and apps. For more detailed information about orders please see IOrderServiceV3_1.

    The content provider for orders may be used directly by apps wishing to use a Cursor to navigate a large orders database. Specifically using the contract allows an app to discover all the recent orders (via query). Read Content provider basics for an overview of how to interact with a content provider. In this case only methods which read data such as ContentResolver.query(Uri, String[], Bundle, CancellationSignal) will work. Methods which write data will be rejected.

    Using this contract requires the client app have Permission.ORDERS_R permission.

    To mutate orders use through the wrapper class OrderConnector.

    The orders provider which fulfills this contract supplies only recent orders (see OrderContract.OrderSummary). Older orders can be fetched via the OrderConnector.