Interface IOrderServiceV3_1

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    IOrderServiceV3_1.Default, IOrderServiceV3_1.Stub

    public interface IOrderServiceV3_1
    extends IInterface
    An interface for interacting with the Clover order service.

    You may also interact with this service through the OrderConnector class, which handles binding and asynchronous invocation of service methods.

    This service is backed by a local database which is synced to cloud.

    Searching and listing orders may done via the OrderContract.

    Implementation Details

    This service mirrors the functionality of IOrderService but uses a different mechanism for trasferring Clover SDK objects. Specifically, as can be seen from the interface definition below, CloverSDK objects are transferred wrapped by a FdParcelable. This includes SDK objects passed to the service and objects returned from the server.

    For example, to create an FD parcelablable input for an Order argument,

       OrderFdParcelable fdo = new OrderFdParcelable(order);
       service.updateOrder(fdo, ...);
    To obtain an Order object return value from an FD parcelable,
       OrderFdParcelable fdo = service.getOrder(...);
       Order order = fdo.getValue();