Interface IVasProvider

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    IVasProvider.Default, IVasProvider.Stub

    public interface IVasProvider
    extends IInterface
    Implement this interface in your application to participate in the exchange of Value Added Services data with mobile devices. Your application must define an exported service that includes clover.intent.action.VAS_PROVIDER in its intent filter.
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      • handlePayload

        VasPayloadResponse handlePayload​(VasPayload payload,
                                         VasMode vasMode,
                                         Intent extras)
                                  throws RemoteException
        Called when an applicable VasPayload is retrieved from the mobile device. Note implementors may NOT block while handling the payload - the VasPayloadResponse must be returned immediately and the payload handled out-of-band Parameters: payload: the actual payload from the mobile device vasMode: the VasMode relevant to the payload (may help receiver make workflow decisions) extras: intent contains string key/value mappings only. Non-string values are not supported. additional information about the transaction IF AVAILABLE (may not be present in some use cases) possible values include EXTRA_ORDER_ID (with the Clover Order UUID) and EXTRA_PAYMENT_ID (if a payment was completed at the same time as reading the VAS data). Returns: VasPayloadResponse with ResponseType of ACCEPTED (to indicate the data has been received), TXN_UPDATE (to indicate that the data was received and an update to the Order or Amount is pending, to inclue partial payments)