Class IVasProvider.Default

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        public Default()
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      • handlePayload

        public VasPayloadResponse handlePayload​(VasPayload payload,
                                                VasMode vasMode,
                                                Intent extras)
                                         throws RemoteException
        Called when an applicable VasPayload is retrieved from the mobile device. Note implementors may NOT block while handling the payload - the VasPayloadResponse must be returned immediately and the payload handled out-of-band Parameters: payload: the actual payload from the mobile device vasMode: the VasMode relevant to the payload (may help receiver make workflow decisions) extras: intent contains string key/value mappings only. Non-string values are not supported. additional information about the transaction IF AVAILABLE (may not be present in some use cases) possible values include EXTRA_ORDER_ID (with the Clover Order UUID) and EXTRA_PAYMENT_ID (if a payment was completed at the same time as reading the VAS data). Returns: VasPayloadResponse with ResponseType of ACCEPTED (to indicate the data has been received), TXN_UPDATE (to indicate that the data was received and an update to the Order or Amount is pending, to inclue partial payments)
        Specified by:
        handlePayload in interface IVasProvider