Interface IEmployeeService

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    IEmployeeService.Default, IEmployeeService.Stub

    public interface IEmployeeService
    extends IInterface
    An interface for interacting with the Clover employee service. The employee service is a bound AIDL service. Bind to this service as follows,
     Intent serviceIntent = new Intent(EmployeeIntent.ACTION_EMPLOYEE_SERVICE_V3);
     serviceIntent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ACCOUNT, CloverAccount.getAccount(context));
     serviceIntent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_VERSION, 1);
    For more information about bound services, refer to the Android documentation: Bound Services .

    You may also interact with the employee service through the com.clover.sdk.v3.employee.EmployeeConnector class, which handles binding and asynchronous invocation of service methods.
    See Also:
    CloverAccount, com.clover.sdk.v3.employee.EmployeeIntent, com.clover.sdk.v3.employee.EmployeeConnector, Lockscreen