Class CloverAccount

  • public class CloverAccount
    extends Object
    This class provides access to the Clover Account object on the device. The Clover account is usually needed when interacting with ServiceConnectors and Contracts.
    • Method Detail

      • getAccount

        public static Account getAccount​(Context context)
        Get the Clover Account on the device. The Clover Account is needed by most Clover service connectors.
        context - the context from your Android application or component
        the Clover account on the device, should never return null
      • getAccounts

        public static Account[] getAccounts​(Context context)
        Use getAccount(Context) instead. Very early versions of Clover software supported multiple Clover Accounts on a single device, but this is no longer the case, there is now always a single Clover Account on each device.