Interface ITenderService

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    ITenderService.Default, ITenderService.Stub

    public interface ITenderService
    extends IInterface
    An interface for interacting with the Clover tender service. The tender service is a bound AIDL service. Bind to this service as follows,
     Intent serviceIntent = new Intent(TenderIntent.ACTION_TENDER_SERVICE);
     serviceIntent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_ACCOUNT, CloverAccount.getAccount(context));
     serviceIntent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_VERSION, 1);
    For more information about bound services, refer to the Android documentation: Bound Services .

    You may also interact with the service through the TenderConnector class, which handles binding and asynchronous invocation of service methods.

    A tender is a method of payment allowed by the Merchant such as Credit Card, Cash or Check. Merchants may support custom tenders to allow customers to pay via special reward programs for example. Some tenders are built-in and cannot be deleted or modified, these are called system tenders.

    See Also:
    TenderIntent, CloverAccount, TenderConnector
    • Method Detail

      • checkAndCreateTender

        Tender checkAndCreateTender​(String label,
                                    String labelKey,
                                    boolean enabled,
                                    boolean opensCashDrawer,
                                    ResultStatus resultStatus)
                             throws RemoteException
        Create a new tender with the given label and seetings. The label key must be the package name of your application.
        label - String shown to merchant for this Tender
        labelKey - The package name of your application, unless you are com.clover.*
        enabled - true if you want the Tender to appear to the Merchant
        opensCashDrawer - true if you want the cash drawer to open when a payment with this tender is taken
        null if the tender could not be created
      • setOpensCashDrawer

        void setOpensCashDrawer​(String tenderId,
                                boolean opensCashDrawer,
                                ResultStatus resultStatus)
                         throws RemoteException
        When a payment is made with this tender the cash drawer can be made to automatically open or not.