Interface IReceiptRegistrationService

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    IReceiptRegistrationService.Default, IReceiptRegistrationService.Stub

    public interface IReceiptRegistrationService
    extends IInterface
    An interface for registering components that wish to add additional data to customer receipts.

    Developers that wish to add additional data to customer receipts should call the register(Uri,ResultStatus) method to register the URI of a content provider that will provide receipt data. Said content provider must conform to the ReceiptContract contract.

    The ReceiptRegistration service is a bound AIDL service. Bind to this service as follows,
     Intent serviceIntent = new Intent(PrinterIntent.ACTION_RECEIPT_REGISTRATION);
     serviceIntent.putExtra(PrinterIntent.EXTRA_ACCOUNT, CloverAccount.getAccount(context));
     serviceIntent.putExtra(PrinterIntent.EXTRA_VERSION, 1);
    For more information about bound services, refer to the Android documentation: Bound Services .

    You may also interact with the receipt registration service through the ReceiptRegistrationConnector class, which handles binding and asynchronous invocation of service methods.
    See Also:
    PrinterIntent, CloverAccount, ReceiptRegistrationConnector, ReceiptContract