CloverConnector  4.0.5
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com.clover.remotepay.sdk.SaleResponse Class Reference

Object passed in to an OnSaleResponse More...

Inheritance diagram for com.clover.remotepay.sdk.SaleResponse:
com.clover.remotepay.sdk.PaymentResponse com.clover.remotepay.sdk.BaseResponse

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from com.clover.remotepay.sdk.PaymentResponse
 PaymentResponse ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from com.clover.remotepay.sdk.BaseResponse
 BaseResponse ()
- Properties inherited from com.clover.remotepay.sdk.PaymentResponse
Payment Payment [get, set]
 The payment from the sale More...
bool IsSale [get]
bool IsPreAuth [get]
bool IsAuth [get]
Signature2 Signature [get, set]
- Properties inherited from com.clover.remotepay.sdk.BaseResponse
bool Success [get, set]
 If true then the requested operation succeeded More...
ResponseCode Result [get, set]
 The result of the requested operation. More...
string Reason [get, set]
 Optional information about result. More...
string Message [get, set]
 Detailed information about result. More...

Detailed Description

Object passed in to an OnSaleResponse

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