CloverConnector  1.3.1
Copyright (C) 2017 Clover Network, Inc.
com.clover.remotepay.sdk.MerchantInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 MerchantInfo ()
 MerchantInfo (DiscoveryResponseMessage drm)
 Contains merchant information about the device More...


DeviceInfo Device [get, set]
String merchantID [get, set]
String merchantName [get, set]
String merchantMId [get, set]
bool supportsPreAuths [get, set]
bool supportsVaultCards [get, set]
bool supportsManualRefunds [get, set]
bool supportsTipAdjust [get, set]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MerchantInfo() [1/2]

com.clover.remotepay.sdk.MerchantInfo.MerchantInfo ( )

◆ MerchantInfo() [2/2]

com.clover.remotepay.sdk.MerchantInfo.MerchantInfo ( DiscoveryResponseMessage  drm)

Contains merchant information about the device


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