Class TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder

  • public class TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder
    extends BaseIntentBuilder
    Use the TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder to build an intent for a merchant to add a tip to a payment. This is NOT to prompt the customer for a tip, rather it allows a merchant to apply a tip to an existing payment, for example, from a tip amount left on a receipt. If the tip amount is not provided (null) then a UI will be displayed allowing a merchant to enter a tip amount.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder

        public TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder​(String paymentId)
        Create the build with a required paymentId of the payment to apply the tip
        paymentId -
    • Method Detail

      • tipAmount

        public TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder tipAmount​(Long tipAmount)
        The amount of the tip. If null, the Clover Tip app will open for the user to enter the tip for the payment
        tipAmount -
      • AdjustTip

        public static TipAdjustRequestIntentBuilder AdjustTip​(String paymentId,
                                                              Long tipAmount)
        Use to create a Tip Adjust request to adjust a payment.
        paymentId -
        tipAmount - - this is optional. If included, it will be a headless tip adjust. If null, you will have the opportunity to enter a tip amount within the Tips app.