Class VasConfig

    • Constructor Detail

      • VasConfig

        public VasConfig()
        Constructs a new empty instance.
      • VasConfig

        protected VasConfig​(boolean noInit)
        Constructs a new empty instance.
      • VasConfig

        public VasConfig​(JSONObject jsonObject)
        Construct a new instance backed by the given JSONObject, the parameter is not copied so changes to it will be reflected in this instance and vice-versa.
      • VasConfig

        public VasConfig​(VasConfig src)
        Constructs a new instance that is a deep copy of the source instance. It does not copy the bundle or changelog.
    • Method Detail

      • getVasProviders

        public List<VasServiceProvider> getVasProviders()
        List of vas service providers who are interested in receiving vas data
      • getJSONObject

        public JSONObject getJSONObject()
        Returns the internal JSONObject backing this instance, the return value is not a copy so changes to it will be reflected in this instance and vice-versa.
        Specified by:
        getJSONObject in interface JSONifiable
      • isNotNullVasProviders

        public boolean isNotNullVasProviders()
        Checks whether the 'vasProviders' field is set and is not null
      • isNotEmptyVasProviders

        public boolean isNotEmptyVasProviders()
        Checks whether the 'vasProviders' field is set and is not null and is not empty
      • hasVasProviders

        public boolean hasVasProviders()
        Checks whether the 'vasProviders' field has been set, however the value could be null
      • setVasProviders

        public VasConfig setVasProviders​(List<VasServiceProvider> vasProviders)
        Sets the field 'vasProviders'. Nulls in the given List are skipped. List parameter is copied, so it will not reflect any changes, but objects inside it will.
      • clearVasProviders

        public void clearVasProviders()
        Clears the 'vasProviders' field, the 'has' method for this field will now return false
      • containsChanges

        public boolean containsChanges()
        Returns true if this instance has any changes.
      • resetChangeLog

        public void resetChangeLog()
        Reset the log of changes made to this instance, calling copyChanges() after this would return an empty instance.
      • copyChanges

        public VasConfig copyChanges()
        Create a copy of this instance that contains only fields that were set after the constructor was called.
      • mergeChanges

        public void mergeChanges​(VasConfig src)
        Copy all the changed fields from the given source to this instance.