Class TypeDetails

    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeDetails

        public TypeDetails​(String typeName,
                           String model,
                           List<Category> supportedCategories,
                           int numDotsWidth,
                           boolean local,
                           int numCashDrawersSupported,
                           String imageUrl)
    • Method Detail

      • getTypeName

        public String getTypeName()
        A unique string that identifies this type of printer (matches
      • getModel

        public String getModel()
        A human readable model name for this printer.
      • getSupportedCategories

        public List<Category> getSupportedCategories()
        A list of the categories this printer supports.
      • getNumDotsWidth

        public int getNumDotsWidth()
        If this printer can print bitmaps this is number of dots per that the printer is capable of printing. If the printer cannot print bitmaps this returns 0.
      • isLocal

        public boolean isLocal()
        True if this printer is physically attached in some way as opposed to being connected via network or other wireless interface.
      • getNumCashDrawersSupported

        public int getNumCashDrawersSupported()
        Use CashDrawers.list() to get cash drawer information instead.
        Returns the number of cash drawers that this type of printer can provide.
      • getImageUrl

        public String getImageUrl()
        Returns an HTTP URL that points to an image of this printer type.
        A String, the URL, or null if no URL is available.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object