Class Merchant

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class Merchant
    extends Object
    implements Parcelable
    A class representing a merchant. Instances of this class are immutable.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Merchant

        public Merchant​(Bundle data,
                        Bundle localData)
      • Merchant

        public Merchant​(Parcel in)
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        public String getId()
        Get the merchant ID.
      • getName

        public String getName()
        Get the merchant name.
      • getCurrency

        public Currency getCurrency()
        Get the merchant currency.
      • getTimeZone

        public TimeZone getTimeZone()
        Get the merchant time zone.
      • getAccount

        public Account getAccount()
        Get the merchant account.
      • getAddress

        public MerchantAddress getAddress()
        Get the merchant address.
      • getDeviceId

        public String getDeviceId()
        Get the device ID.
      • getPhoneNumber

        public String getPhoneNumber()
        Get the merchant phone number.
      • getWebsite

        public String getWebsite()
        Get the merchant website.
      • getMid

        public String getMid()
        Get the merchant MID
      • getModules

        public List<Module> getModules()
        Get the modules this particular merchant currently has enabled.
        See Also:
      • getGatewayClosingTime

        public String getGatewayClosingTime()
        return merchant gateway closingTime property
      • getNewBatchCloseEnabled

        public Boolean getNewBatchCloseEnabled()
        merchant gateway batchCloseEnabled property
      • isVat

        public boolean isVat()
        Returns whether this merchant is in a region using VAT
      • getSupportPhone

        public String getSupportPhone()
        Get the support phone number.
      • getSupportEmail

        public String getSupportEmail()
        Get the support email.
      • getLocale

        public Locale getLocale()
        Get the locale.
      • isUpdateStockEnabled

        public boolean isUpdateStockEnabled()
        Returns whether this merchant is using Clover to update stock
      • isTrackStockEnabled

        public boolean isTrackStockEnabled()
        Returns whether this merchant is using Clover to track stock
      • getPaidAppsFree

        public boolean getPaidAppsFree()
        Get paid apps free
      • getAppBillingSystem

        public String getAppBillingSystem()
      • getAbaAccountNumber

        public String getAbaAccountNumber()
      • getDdaAccountNumber

        public String getDdaAccountNumber()
      • getIsBillable

        public Boolean getIsBillable()
      • getMerchantPlanId

        public String getMerchantPlanId()