Class CloverAuth.AuthResult

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class CloverAuth.AuthResult
    extends Object
    Container for the data returned when an account authenticates with the Clover service. If an error occurs while trying to obtain the token (due to network down, server error or permission error) only the errorMessage field is guaranteed to be set, all other values may be null.
    • Field Detail

      • authToken

        public final String authToken
        The auth token, used for sending subsequent requests to the service. May be null on error.
      • baseUrl

        public final String baseUrl
        The base URL of the Clover service. REST API endpoints are relative to this URL. May be null on error.
      • errorMessage

        public final String errorMessage
        Error message that was generated during authentication, or null.
      • merchantId

        public final String merchantId
        The id of the merchant associated with the authenticated account. May be null on error.

        Prefer new MerchantConnector(...).getMerchant().getId(), which always works even if an auth token cannot be obtained due to error.

      • appId

        public final String appId
        The id of the app that performed authentication. May be null on error.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthResult

        public AuthResult​(Bundle authData)