CloverConnector  1.4.2
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Semi-Integration with Clover

Integrate your hardware and software with Clover’s hardware and software, making your point-of-sale EMV compliant quickly and easily. Clover’s secure semi-integration solution allows your existing point-of-sale software to accept EMV-ready, PCI-compliant payments, as part of a customer-facing experience that enhances the POS and handles all payment acceptance tasks.

ISVs can integrate with Clover Minis, Mobiles, and Stations and engage in a payments-as-a-service model. When you integrate with Clover, your point-of-sale can become EMV compliant quickly and easily. We currently offer integration with devices suited for brick-and-mortar locations, as well as a developer preview of mobile SDK libraries that work for BYOD scenarios.

ISVs who semi-integrate with third-party hardware will use our high-level SDKs to send messages to and receive messages from a Clover device. Keep your merchants satisfied with the system they’re used to, and let us take the hassle of EMV compliance away from you. After integrating with us, the Clover device becomes a plug-and-play solution for your merchant base.

If you have an existing POS with a strong merchant base and are looking for the fastest way to make that system EMV compliant, then this is probably the best option for you. Other scenarios where semi-integration is a good choice include:

  • You have a sophisticated system from which it is difficult to move away
  • You have a strong brand with which your merchants identify
  • You have a POS system which requires specialized hardware *