Class IDynamicBinHandlerService.Default

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        public Default()
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      • checkBin

        public DynamicBinResponse checkBin​(DynamicBinHandlerRequest request)
                                    throws RemoteException
        Returns a DynamicBinResponse with responseType and further action required to check if certain card bins are eligible for EMI processing.

        This call will return response with type to indicate if binDetails are accepted or not and next set of action to be performed like activity action to be invoked.

        Specified by:
        checkBin in interface IDynamicBinHandlerService
        DynamicBinHandlerRequest - The BinDetails with card first 6 and last 4.Along with CardType and PaymentPlatform com.clover.emi.DynamicBinHandlerRequest
        DynamicBinResponse com.clover.emi.DynamicBinResponse object.